In my first conversation with Marci Solomon, I knew she was wasn't going to waste any time with getting to the heart of the matter. I have appreciated hearing about Marci's personal experiences and have enjoyed her direct approach to our lessons. She is very encouraging and it is clearly evident that she wants her students to succeed in their creative endeavors. Thank you, Marci! ~ Elika

Marci is not only a tremendous performer on the stage but also an experienced teacher of performance techniques, teaching those who are pursuing a career on the stage. Her performance, in my opinion, is of high quality and comes straight from the heart. She is an entertainer's entertainer. ~ Gary Menotti, director Austin City Limits

She's a knockout. Her command of such a diverse musical spectrum is absolute.
~ Austin Chronicle

A singer who defines ballads with passion, honesty, and a great understanding of the lyric.
~ Variety

Marci is unquestionably one of the strongest creative forces in the entertainment field today. ~ Barbara Krieger, Film Industry, Hollywood, California

Marci's experience and expertise is motivating and giving me what I need to move my mission forward. Her ability to instruct and critique over the phone is remarkable! Having lessons with her over the phone not only is helping me to achieve my goals, but also is helping me to develop effective phone communication skills. ~ Bill

I have been taking phone lessons with Marci Lynne-Solomon for many years now and I am very happy with my improved vocal talents. I plan to continue training with her for as long as I can. ~ Sebastian

My maternal grandmother always used the adage 'if we could only see ourselves as others see us'.. I'd like to thank you for allowing me to take a close look at myself yesterday through the 'high definition' mirror you provided for me. Thanks for helping put me on a path that will lead to a happiness that is not dependent upon anyone but myself. ~ Allan, Texas

Marci's private lessons and workshops are phenomenal! Master classes in vocal technique and life! You'll learn not only about how to perfect your vocal and performance technique, but along the path you'll also overcome fears and gain confidence throughout all aspects of your life. ~ AAT, Ithaca, NY

Greetings Marci! Thank you for working with me on my new CD, which I just finished! Amazing how you could work with me while I was in the recording studio in Brazil and you in New York on Skype. The lessons over the phone have been invaluable in my career. A huge thank you, Marci. You are truly a masterful singing coach! ~ Stacy, Brazil

Marci is great to work with! She knows what it takes to be a great performer and gives you the tool box to always go back to. She is fun but stern and keeps me in line! She believes in my ability to become a great singer! ~ Janelle D.

I sang professionally for 30+ years before taking vocal lessons from Marci. I am eternally grateful and thankful to have done so. She knows the differences between novice singers and those who have been at it a long time, and her expertise is revealed in the manner of her instruction to both. ~ Alan Moe M.

A truly unbelievable human being! She is tough, but she makes sure that she gets the 'spots' you need in your vocal training. Whether it be a mental or vocal block, or just an 'I CAN'T do this!' block... Amazing woman, with a huge heart. She makes your work, but it's all worth it in the end. ~ Courtney R.

I do some amateur performing and singing, and I am so lucky to have found Marci! She has solid showbiz experience, and is a technically very proficient as well as an intuitive coach. My performance skills and voice have improved more than I would have dreamed. Her workshops are a lot of fun and during private lessons she gives me as much attention and care as she gives to her professional students. And I love to hear her sing! ~ Louise H.

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