Marci Lynne-Solomon

Marci Lynne-Solomon is a national and international leader in voice training with more than 50 years of experience in performing and teaching. Marci began her professional career at the age of eight in her father and mother's School of Performing Arts. She is a graduate of the American Theatre Wing and the Herbert Berghoff School of Acting, both located in New York City. Marci later studied musical theatre under Charles Nelson Reilly. Her credits reflect her versatility ranging from film and television appearances to over 10 years of touring the continent. She has toured with the Nelson Riddle Orchestra, and frequently performed her one-woman show in New York, Los Angeles, and Austin. Today, Marci helps people overcome their fears and discover their passions through singing. She utilizes singing and performance as both a metaphor and instrument, showing people how to get what they want and live their best lives.

Marci owns and operates the Performing Arts and Human Concern Center in Austin, Texas, and also runs a studio in Ithaca, New York. Marci has developed tools to stimulate, motivate and enhance the student's passion. Observing herself and knowing her students well, she came to understand that the blocks impeding their singing/performance were the same blocks to their personal growth and to their development and mastery over their environment. Marci's students are a source of inspiration for ever-improving and developing her coaching techniques. She is the creator of "Learn How to Sing In Tune," a CD to help students learn to sing perfectly in tune. Marci also presents this workshop and many others, including "Singing Aerobics," nationally and internationally.

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