Vocal Training CD ($25)

Listen, practice, and learn to sing in tune, as master vocal and performance coach Marci Lynne-Solomon guides and supports you on a singer's journey of self-discovery.

Have you always wanted to learn to sing well, or fantasized about auditioning for a part in a musical? Whether you're a beginning vocalist or a seasoned singer, Marci Lynne-Solomon's Learn How to Sing in Tune CD will help you develop your voice and teach you to sing perfectly in tune! Through vocal exercises, proper breathing techniques, and other essential training exercises, you'll improve your pitch, tone, ear, and vocal range. Best all, you'll have fun as you gain confidence and discover the sound and style best suited for you!

Learn How to Sing in Tune
Learn How to Listen More than Sing


  1. Introduction
  2. Hearing the note
  3. Humming the note
  4. Sing on a vowel
  5. Sing 2 different notes
  6. Sing 3 different notes
  7. Sing 4 different notes
  8. Sing 5 different notes
  9. Sing with Marci
  10. Instrumental
  11. Lesson summary

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